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Why NextTech Limited Business Management Important for your business?

Today software is a must factor for back office to function more effectively and productively.

In the present scenario, ASM is considered to be an inevitable choice, featuring every business functions like Human Resource, Accounting, Warehouse Management, Customer Relations Management, Trading and Manufacturing, E-commerce etc.

A trading industry faces several micro and macroeconomic challenges in their trading business like unpredictable consumer behaviors, demand fluctuations, and changes in regulations etc.

Trading works on the concept of stocking goods in the warehouse and further selling them to the potential customers across regions when demand/sale arise.

Therefore a powerful tool for pre-planning the stocks and Inventory is a must, which inversely get proportional to the profitability and customer satisfaction of the trading company.

With the implementation of NextTech Limited Odoo ASM in Trading Industry, we can ensure the following benefits.

A successful trading company will make ceaseless efforts to expand their market boundaries along with maintaining the present ones. The dynamic market behaviors and technological revolution are demanding more from an industry to keep up its competency level.

Point Of Sell (POS)

Payment methods

Cash, checks, and credit card payment methods are available. New types of payment methods can be added as well

Credit/Debit cards

All electronic payments are handled by external payment terminals

Currency rounding

Prices and payments can be rounded to the smallest denomination of the currency.

Offline payments

Orders made offline are automatically synchronized when you are reconnected.


Generate and print invoices for your business customers.


Payments are directly integrated into Odoo Accounting to make bookkeeping simple and reliable.

Product categories

Organize your products with hierarchical product categories. Order them by popularity and display different categories in different point of sales

Product Search

Quickly find products by their name, barcode, or description with the built-in search function.

Units of measure

Sell your products with custom or preset units of measure and update your stock accordingly.

Multiple barcodes

Tell features the visitor would like to know, not what you’d like to say.

Product variants

Sell different sizes, colors, or configurations of the same product with product variants.

Large product count

Odoo’s Point of Sale system is capable of performing at a scale of over 100,000 products.

Device Friendly

Our POS can be accessed from any device such as PC,iPad, Mobile,POS-Mechine etc.

Maintenance Support & Services

NextTech Limited offers its services across various areas. If you are looking for a business support for your services or need an experts to provide maintenance services We are serving 24*7.
Service Fees: BDT 2000 per month, payable in advance, subject to the terms of Section 4 here in.

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