Dynamic Website Design & Development

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Tk 35,000
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Premium Theme
  • Mobile Friendly

News Portal

Tk 30,000
  • Premium Theme
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Eye Caching Design

Personal site

Tk 25,000
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Premium Theme
  • Live Chatting
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Next Tech Limited is one of the best website design companies because it offers high-quality web designs, and its optimization strategies help take your business to the next level. Next Tech Limited offered services in Bangladesh is website designing, website promotion (SEO services, SEM services, Internet Marketing) and Website development and also customized software development. Our company also offers other services, such as outsourcing, database design, Website maintenance, E-commerce services, software development, search engine optimization, web hosting, domain registration, Hardware services.

This web design company specializes in marketing websites and corporate websites. Your site gets an intuitive and interesting interface to give visitors a reason to surf around the pages. The design quality is superb and shows careful attention to detail, giving your site a customized look.

We consider the design aspects of the website very seriously. We evaluate what your Web services and products mean to the public and the market. We work with you to your vision of what your website should look like. Important considerations also include user-friendly interfaces for visitors including the layout, menu and other vital Web design structures. We make sure the elements of color, placement and effects are cohesive. Within all of this, we consider the end to the means, making sure the functionality of the site is complementary.

If you need an e-commerce site to sell your product,Next Tech Limited helps your company stand out in search engines and make your products pop on your website. Next Tech Limited has some limitations when it comes to video and logos, but its impressive SEO skills mitigate those flaws. If you looking for a young and energetic web development company for your next project then you are in right place.


We will plan your website the scope of work, requirements, and description of the final web site will be determined and documented, including the overarching site goals, number of pages, site hierarchy, merchandising needs, plus forms, animations /graphics, and other specialized content.


Web designers use a variety of different tools depending on what part of the production process they are involved in. We have used some of those tools depending on the design. We will also use any design tools if you have any specific desire (package prices and time schedule may change for that cases).

• Language: PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax.

• Framework: Laravel

• Database: MySQL

• Development IDE: Dreamweaver CS6

• Graphical Tools: Photoshop CS8, X5, Illustrator

• Animator Tools: Adobe Flash, SwishMax

• CMS: WordPress

Our Website Development focus these areas :

* Organizational Website

* Hospital Website

* E-commerce Website

* Business website

* professional website

* Restaurant website

* company website

* Event Website



PACKAGE-3: E-Commerce (50,000 BDT)


Our Strength for Website Design and Development

OUR Services Are Guaranteed TO Give 100% Satisfaction IN Every Way.

Website Development Company is focusing on creativity and the Internet to help the customers to take advantage of your company. Convinced that the future of your business for all of your expectations.

Website Development and SEO Friendly Website Designing

We create W3C Validated static as well as dynamic websites at affordable rate with SEO Friendly HTML Design. We improve your websites ranking in various search engines with creating unique content.

Quality Assured 100%

Continuous process of improvement, website design and website development of quality, error-free IT solution for our clients during and within their budget.

Payment Procedure

After signing the agreement paper to start the work, you have to provide 40% of total amount. At the middle of the duration period you have to pay 30% and after completion of the work rest 30% will provide.

Maintenance Support

NextTech Limited offers its services across various areas. If you are looking for a business support for your services or need an experts to provide maintenance services We are serving 24*7.After delivering the project, we will provide one (1) month free maintenance support. After this period (that means, 1 month later), based on your requirements monthly or yearly charged will be define.

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