Android N: Form Beginner to Paid Professional

Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fee:20,000tk

Course Overview

Learn to code the developer’s way. At Developers we teach you the platform and the underlying coding principles. We believe in building engineers and not copy-and-paste students. You can get started with no experience or with lots of coding experience.

Learn everything you need to know to have professional Android development skills.

Why This Course?

• Learn to code how the PROs code – not just copy and paste
• Learn the latest Android APIs and services – we don’t teach old junk
• SUPER FUN – You will laugh and have fun while learning
• Beautiful Apps – We don’t build trash – you’ll create amazing real-world apps
• Zero Experience needed to start
• Build Real Projects – You’ll get to build projects that help you retain what you’ve learned
• Live Help – I’ve brought on a bunch of Teacher’s Aides who are always available to help in our instructor.

You start by learning how to code with Java. Then you start building some simpler apps and move on to more complex fully-functional apps. You build projects in-between that allow you to stretch and grow using the principles you just learned but without copying and pasting code.

What Do I Get?

• Tons of amazing Android learning content
• 10 FREE App Asset Packs (Worth thousands of dollars)
• Live support in our instructor
• Certificate of completion (when completed)
• Potential for a whole new career/lifestyle

Course Curriculum:

Module-1: Intro to Course

• Install JDK and Android Studio for Windows
• Installing IntellijIDEA on Windows
• How to set a fake GPS location on Android
• Downloading and using source code

Module-2: Git & Android

• Terminal Basics (Mac)
• Basics of Version Control & Git
• Understanding Git
• Setting up Github
• Github vs Bitbucket
• Git Remote & Local
• Github Desktop
• Handling Merge Conflicts in Git

Module-3: Learn to code in Java

• Hello Java
• Hello Java and Java basics source
• About the Java Lessons – Android Prerequisite
• Creating a Java Module – Android Prerequisite
• IntellijIDEA Tour
• Variables
• Primitive Numbers
• Primitives Bool and Char
• Strings
• Methods
• Conditional Logic
• Arrays

Module-4: Cool Calculator – The Basics of Android

• Cool Calc source
• Android App Cool Calc – Project Setup & Changing App Theme
• Android App Cool Calc – Adding Images & Supporting Multiple Screen Sizes
• Android App Cool Calc – Understanding Widgets, Layouts, Gravity & Weights
• Understanding dp & Managing Multiple Layouts
• Android App Cool Calc – Using Android Monitor to Debug Layout Issues
• Android App Cool Calc – OnClickListeners & Widget Imports
• Android App Cool Calc – Implementing Calculator Logic

Module-5: Fit or Flab – Working With Activities

• Android Activity Lifecycle
• Fit or Flap assets & source
• Setting Up Layout Part 1 – Custom Drawables, Rounded Corners
• Setting Up Layout Part 2 – Drawables & Tint
• OnClickListeners Without Buttons
• The 2nd Android Activity
• Intents & Extras
• Android Studio 2.2 Constraint Layouts Part 1
• Android Studio 2.2 Constraint Layouts Part 2

Module-6: Fragments & Mastering Android Layouts

• Understanding Android Fragments
• HeroMe assets & source
• Android App HeroMe – Working With Graphics & Drawables
• Android App HeroMe – Custom Drawables & Custom Buttons
• Android App HeroMe – Fragments & Fragment Manager
• Android App HeroMe – Changing Views Programmatically
• Android App HeroMe – Adding & Replacing Fragments

Module-7: Object Oriented Programming & Fragments on Android

• Java classes
• Java inheritance
• Java polymorphism
• Java data encapsulation

Module-8: Grids & Lists with Recycler View

• Android App Dev Radio – How to plan out an app
• Dev Radio assets & source
• Android App Dev Radio – Project setup and the fragments
• Android App Dev Radio – Adapters, view holders, and more fragments
• Android App Dev Radio – Managing data, adapters, and more fragments
• Android App Dev Radio – Designing cards and working with view holders
• Android App Dev Radio – Clicking cards and loading a new full screen fragment

Module-9: Maps & GPS

• Store Locator assets & source
• Android App Store Locator – Creating project & architecting app
• Android App Store Locator – Adding Google Maps to a fragment
• Android App Store Locator – Implementing a CardView search bar
• Android App Store Locator – Google Play location services
• Android App Store Locator – Showing user location with map markers
• Android App Store Locator – Converting GPS to a zip code
• Android App Store Locator – Converting coordinates to zip code
• Android App Store Locator – Showing recycler view over the map

Module-10: Multimedia on Android

• Instaslam assets & source
• Android App Instaslam – Project setup & Tabbed Activity template
• Android App Instaslam – Fragments for tabs and action button
• Android App Instaslam – Android menu popups
• Android App Instaslam – Full screen activities & percentage layouts
• Android App Instaslam – Access photos and videos with Cursors
• Android App Instaslam – Adapters & view holders in the same file
• Android App Instaslam – Decoding paths into bitmaps
• Android App Instaslam – Background threads & async task

Module-11: Web Requests & REST on Android

• Understanding Web Requests & HTTP
• All about JSON
• Funshine assets & source
• Android App Funshine – Project creation & API setup
• Android App Funshine – Implementing Volley for web requests
• Android App Funshine – Use GPS to get weather data
• Android App Funshine – Parsing JSON
• Android App Funshine – Designing the UI
• Android App Funshine – Showing data from server in UI
• Android App Funshine – Showing server data in a list

Module-12: Building a Chat App with Firebase

• Chat app assets & source
• Android App Chat: Firebase & Project Setup
• Android App Chat: Adding Firebase to Project
• Android App Chat: Firebase Auth & Registration
• Android App Chat: Firebase Auth & Login
• Android App Chat: Creating a Username

Module-13: Map box

• Your first map
• User location
• Dropping pins
• Route and Navigation

Module-14: Design & Publishing

• Route and Navigation

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